A simple, flexible, and powerful image browser.

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gBrowser version 2.0b26


Files and Folders

View your folders and images without importing them into some opaque library file.

Easy Organizing

Quickly sort though, select, and move your photos. Drop Locations let create a drop zone and hotkeys for quick organizing.


Batch Rename

Powerful and crazy fast batch rename functionality lets you rename files however you want.


Image Info

View detailed image information (including EXIF) right in the thumbnail pane. Sort by whichever criteria you prefer.

Definable Hotkeys

Define custom hotkeys for nearly every menu item and action.


View your images in slideshow mode, either automatically or keyboard-controlled.


gBrowser is an image browser and organizer with no annoying databases or hidden libraries. What you see in the Finder is what you see in gBrowser – except gBrowser presents you with large, beautiful thumbnails and gives you the tools to easily view and organize your images. It includes a thumbnail browser, “Drop Locations” and file marking tools to make sorting out and moving your images a snap, a powerful batch rename function with the ability to save presets, the “Image Viewer” which works much like Quicklook on single monitors, but is even more useful when opened permanently on a secondary monitor, Bookmarks for your different photo collections, free and friendly tech support, and more.


gBrowser 2.0 was built for Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6) but functions fine (with some visual glitches) in Yosemite (10.10). gBrowser could use some updating and it’s on our drawing board, but as a hobby shareware project it doesn’t get the highest priority so we can’t make specific deadlines.

Eases image sorting

If you need to sort the good from the bad after a photo shoot, gBrowser will let you quickly and easily mark which images you want to pull out, and Drop Locations let you create a set of folders to quickly move or copy your images into.

Powerful batch rename

gBrowser’s batch renamer will let you rename tens, hundreds, or thousands of files at once (even deep folder heirarchies). Add sequential numbers, dates, or more to your filenames! Its filtering abilities will ensure you rename only the files you want to rename.

Loves multiple monitors

In addition to being able to open your images one at a time the old-fashioned way, gBrowser has a unique Image Viewer window that can be set to open in a window or fullscreen on any of your monitors. As you browse your thumbnails on one screen, the other will instantly show your selections in full glory on the other. If you don’t have multiple monitors, the Image Viewer is still useful – it can be instantly opened or closed with the space bar, like Quicklook.