v 2.0 beta 26
March 20, 2010

Awesome Photo Organizer

gBrowser is an image browser and organizer with no annoying databases or hidden libraries. What you see in the Finder is what you see in gBrowser – except gBrowser presents you with large, beautiful thumbnails and gives you the tools to easily view and organize your images. It includes a thumbnail browser, “Drop Locations” and file marking tools to make sorting out and moving your images a snap, a powerful batch rename function with the ability to save presets, the “Image Viewer” which works much like Quicklook on single monitors, but is even more useful when opened permanently on a secondary monitor, Bookmarks for your different photo collections, free and friendly tech support, and more.

gBrowser is BACK!

Yes, it’s been years. Nearly seven, to be exact! gBrowser 1.5 started having major issues with Tiger, then stopped functioning altogether in Leopard. Even so, supportive emails still came in, as did pleas for an update.

Here it is: 2.0 beta 26

Universal, Leopard-compatible, updated look and feel, modern APIs, and 10 to 40 times faster (you read that right!). Yes, it’s still in Beta, but it won’t be in Beta forever – even this first public release seems very stable. Send in those crash reports, though!

What you see is what you get

The organization and layout of your image collection is based on the same files and folders you see in the Finder. No obfuscated “library” or database, no need to “import” your images anywhere.

Support for multiple collections

Do you have a collection of stock photos you use for work, and a collection of family photos you want to keep separate? gBrowser supports multiple Collections, each with different settings, saved as a small Collection file somewhere convenient on your hard drive. Alternatively, if your needs are simpler – that is, you do have different groups of folders in different areas, but you don’t need different settings for them – gBrowser’s Bookmarks will help you quickly switch between different photo collections.

Eases image sorting

If you need to sort the good from the bad after a photo shoot, gBrowser will let you quickly and easily mark which images you want to pull out, and Drop Locations let you create a set of folders to quickly move or copy your images into.

Powerful batch rename

gBrowser’s batch renamer will let you rename tens, hundreds, or thousands of files at once (even deep folder heirarchies). Add sequential numbers, dates, or more to your filenames! Its filtering abilities will ensure you rename only the files you want to rename.

Loves multiple monitors

In addition to being able to open your images one at a time the old-fashioned way, gBrowser has a unique Image Viewer window that can be set to open in a window or fullscreen on any of your monitors. As you browse your thumbnails on one screen, the other will instantly show your selections in full glory on the other. If you don’t have multiple monitors, the Image Viewer is still useful – it can be instantly opened or closed with the space bar, like Quicklook.


The gBrowser tour will give you a more in-depth look at gBrowser’s various features. Unfortunately, we have been so busy working on gBrowser and other aspects of our new website that we have not gotten around to creating the tour!

If you’re interested, you can still download gBrowser and give it a try!


Browse Images
v 1.0
April 27, 2002

Browse Images

This is a handy little applescript that you can drop into your Finder toolbar. When you click it, it will launch gBrowser and the contents of window you are currently viewing in the Finder will be displayed in gBrowser.

By Jamie Longstaff


Check out the five-star reviews on Versiontracker:

“This is a great application and it’s getting better all the time. One of my main uses for Graphic Converter is the image browser but it doesn’t look that great in Mac OS X so it’s good to see a slick looking alternative that looks and feels fully OS X native.”
- Jamie Longstaff (★★★★★)

“I so wish this was still in development.”
- mtb (★★★★★)
[At long last, wish granted!]

“Amazingly good app.”
- kuran.bmr (★★★★★)

“Screensaver feature: COOL!!”
- Adam9 (★★★★★)

“Sweet! I’ve used this program since the first beta and it only gets better.”
- blee (★★★★★)

“The Image Viewer is a great feature.”
- jerin22mag (★★★★★)


The help files are totally out of date. Once gBrowser is out of Beta, we intend to focus some time on detailed help, FAQs, etc.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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