Site Maintenance

The internet is dynamic and ever-changing: your customers want quality, up-to-date information. And you want to give it to them. But not everyone is web-savvy, or has the time to work on their web site very week, or the resources to hire their own full-time web guru. Even web sites running on a CMS (Content Management System) can take time for you to update that could be better spent focusing on core aspects of your business.

What if was as simple firing off an email with a new press release, or a new product photo and specifications, or whatever other change or addition you need, and knowing that your website would be updated with the new information by talented professionals?

It can be that easy.

What we can do

  • Update text and graphics
  • Add or remove pages
  • Mail account management (add or remove email accounts)
  • Ecommerce maintenance (add or remove products, etc.)
  • Custom PHP or Perl scripting (at extra cost)
  • We back up your site before making changes


Our standard rate is $75 per hour, with discounts based on our monthly subscriptions. Initial subscriptions require a 3-month minimum purchase, after which you are billed monthly. Time is billed in half hour increments; most updates do not require more than half an hour.

A subscription is required. Most of our customers are well served by the Bronze subscription.

Standard turnaround time on updates is 3 business days (unless you are a silver or gold subscriber), with a $89 rush charge for 1 business day turnaround per single update session up to 2 hours.

Custom script programming is not covered by subscription hours and is billed at $90 per hour. Turnaround times on custom scripting vary.

Bronze Subscription

  • 2 hours per month
  • $140
  • 3 business day turnaround
  • additional work at $70/hour

Silver Subscription

  • 5 hours per month
  • $325
  • 2 business day turnaround
  • additional work at $65/hour

Gold Subscription

  • 10 hours per month
  • $600
  • 1 business day turnaround
  • additional work at $60/hour