gBrowser: Quick & Easy


No opaque library folder hiding your photos. 

No catalogs, no import process.

Just browse your folders and images.



gBrowser: Flexible


View, sort, & filter your photos by many criteria.

Display all kinds of image information.

Set colors, frames, fonts, and shadows how you like.

gBrowser: Powerful


Crazy fast and flexible batch rename.

Quickly select and sort through your photos.

Edit images in your preferred app.


Software Development + Design

creating things immaterial

Software Development



A simple, flexible, and powerful image browser, organizer, and batch renamer for OS X.


A powerful open-source framework for apps that deal with files, folders, and filesystem updates.

You Name It

Coming Soon.
We are releasing a standalone batch rename app based on gBrowser’s powerful rename.


“We’ve been working with immaterial for a decade and the results have been impressive!”

Alex Leung

CEO, GraphicInk



We can put together a modern, easy-to-maintain website for your small business.


We can design print-ready fliers, brochures, signs, etc. With our print partner GraphicInk we can even hook you up with the material side of the project.