New Features:

  • Added a good number of new features to the slideshow and image windows: In both you can now rotate images (through the contextual menu or with the “[” and “]” keys on the keyboard and the “0” and “.” keys on the number pad), and zoom images with the keyboard using the “+” and “-” keys (holding shift or option while doing this will give you different zoom increments). In the slideshow only, you can also move images around the window using the number keys on the number pad (or the u, i, o, j, l, n, m, and comma keys, and once again holding the shift and option keys will give you different movement increments). Shift-5 (or shift-k) will recenter the image.
  • Added a toolbar item for changing preview sizes and a toolbar item for sorting the preview pane.

Bugs Fixed:

  • None.

Known bugs:

  • Apparently on some systems, when you select images in the preview pane they turn completely black. This shouldn’t be happening and I’m trying to figure it out…