New Features:

  • Many Image Viewer improvements. Particularly, it will now go full-screen on whatever screen the Image Viewer window is on, so you can move it to different monitors if you like. Also, it more intelligently chooses a screen to initially start out on (if you have your gBrowser document window on a screen other than your main screen, the Image Viewer will open up on the main screen).
  • While the Image Viewer window has focus, you can still navigate the preview pane thumbnails with the arrow keys.
  • The scroll wheel can now be used to change to next/prev image in the slideshow.
  • New toolbar item: “generate preview”.

Bugs Fixed:

  • None.

Known bugs:

  • Making new folders in an empty folder might cause weird stuff to happen (the new folders won’t show up but are created, or gBrowser enters the eternally-spinning-rainbow-disc mode).