New Features:

  • Various under the hood optimizations.
  • Pressing command-J in the preview pane will start a new slideshow with the contents of the current folder Command-option-J will start a new slideshow with the contents of the current folder and any subfolders (recursively). I wanted to use command-space and command-option-space, but there appears to be a bug in Cocoa that causes “space” not to work as a menu key equivalent (or it’s just not supposed to be done). I’m trying to work it out.
  • New “Don’t cache contents” option in the Preview Pane Appearances preferences. Up until now, gBrowser has drawn each individual preview box to an image cached in memory, and from then on used the cached image during redrawing. This speeds up things like scrolling and resizing, but it makes gBrowser very RAM-hungry, especially if you were browsing a folder with many images it. If you don’t have lots of RAM, or have a fast enough computer that you don’t really notice the difference, you may want to try the “Don’t cache contents” option.

Bugs Fixed:

  • The font name and font size descriptions in the Preview Pane Appearance preferences now update properly.
  • The screen prefs for the slideshow actually work ;-).
  • A few more memory leaks fixed.
  • There seems to be a memory leak in Cocoa (in [NSAttributedString applyFontTraits:range:]) so I’ve disabled italicizing of alias filenames.

Known bugs:

  • Sometimes the slideshow controls will hide when they shouldn’t if you have autohiding turned on.