New Features:

  • gBrowser creates real aliases instead of symbolic links (there is a new menu item in the Tools menu called “Make Symbolic Link” should you ever have a need for a symbolic link instead of an alias).

Bugs Fixed:

  • gBrowser properly knows what version it is this time, so it won’t keep telling you there’s an update out when there isn’t. Sorry about that!
  • The Image Viewer and slideshow screen options should now actually work. Sorry about that, but I only have one monitor so there’s no way for me to test it out myself (that is, unless someone wants to send me another monitor and video card! ;-).
  • Modified some file tracking code to be aware of symbolic links (necessary due to bug explained below).

Known bugs:

  • Sometimes the slideshow controls will hide when they shouldn’t if you have autohiding turned on.
  • If you try to move a symbolic link to the trash, the original will be moved instead, due to an OS X bug (or overly helpful feature if you want to call it that ;-). Real aliases work fine though. As a result, gBrowser will no longer allow you to try to move symbolic links to the trash.