New Features:

  • A preliminary French localization thanks to Stéphane Moureau of (if anyone wants to translate gBrowser into other languages, please contact me! I can’t offer you anything other than lots of thanks and a free registration though ;-).
  • New “clear” buttons for the set-default-file pref and the open-in-other-image pref (you can also remove your selection by deleting everything in the text field and hitting enter). All “set” buttons have now been renamed to “choose” as well.
  • When dragging and dropping a large number of folders to the move-to preferences (or applications to the open-with prefs) the items dropped will now be added in alphabetical order.
  • When stripping resource forks, previews of files that are stripped are now updated in the preview pane.

Bugs Fixed:

  • #$**(@^! screen problems hopefully fixed (yes yes, I keep saying that… no promises this time but I hope this’ll be the end ;-).
  • If you are manually generating previews, automatic preview generation is temporarily disabled so hopefully no mixups occur (please watch out though, if you have automatic preview generation on while generating previews manually. The Carbon resource manager doesn’t take well to stuff like this :-).
  • Fixed a little bug in the Image Viewer, where the image display size settings wouldn’t take affect for the first image displayed.
  • Fixed a bug where trying to start a slideshow with an empty folder or folders might cause a crash.
  • The text shadow color well in the preview pane appearances prefs now becomes enabled as it should. However, when it gets disabled it may not become greyed out. This is a Cocoa bug.
  • Show/hide slideshow controls has been added to the Images submenu of the main menu (and some stuff has been reorganized, as I’m sure you’ll notice).
  • gBrowser now handles quitting properly when the default prefs window is open and there are unsaved changes.
  • Fixed redraw bug that happened sometimes if you removed ore than one row’s worth of files from the preview pane.
  • Fixed bug in “Other…” file list icon size menu item.
  • Images in image windows now rotate in the correct direction.
  • The “Open with default ‘open with’ application” option works properly now.
  • Worked around funny Cocoa bug where you could enter zero into text fields even when their minimum allowed value was greater than that.
  • Fixed more memory leaks (and consequently italicizing of alias names has been reenabled).
  • Major under-the-hood overhaul that will hopefully improve speed.
  • Many other fixes and changes.

Known bugs:

  • Sometimes the slideshow controls will hide when they shouldn’t if you have autohiding turned on.
  • If you try to move a symbolic link to the trash, the original will be moved instead, due to an OS X bug (or overly helpful feature if you want to call it that ;-). Real aliases work fine though. As a result, gBrowser will no longer allow you to try to move symbolic links to the trash.