New Features:

  • Rewritten preview generation/preview loading code; hopefully it’ll work better, be less buggy, and in some instances be faster.

Bugs Fixed:

  • When you make a new folder in the preview pane, it should be properly scrolled into view (this didn’t always work before).
  • Fixed a couple display problems in the preview pane.
  • One of the more recent features added to gBrowser caused the “create and load on the fly” option to not work properly all the time. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed a silly mistake in the status bar when one file out of a bunch was selected.
  • A bug where the file name editing field would sometimes show up in the wrong spot was caused by the “don’t cache preview box contents” option, and has now been fixed.
  • A bug where some people couldn’t drag and drop into folders within the preview pane was caused by the exact same thing, so that has also been fixed.
  • More little fixes.

Known bugs:

  • Sometimes the slideshow controls will hide when they shouldn’t if you have autohiding turned on.
  • If you try to move a symbolic link to the trash, the original will be moved instead, due to an OS X bug (or overly helpful feature if you want to call it that ;-). Real aliases work fine though. As a result, gBrowser will no longer allow you to try to move symbolic links to the trash.