New Features:

  • You now have the option to have the image viewer remember its last size and position (when not in fullscreen mode, obviously), as well as the option to have it open automatically when your document loads.
  • You can now undo/redo appearance color changes.
  • More low-level optimizations.

Bugs Fixed:

  • High quality “create and load on-the-fly” now works. It was caused by a stupid mistake I made while rewriting the preview generation code for beta 7…

Known bugs:

  • Sometimes the slideshow controls will hide when they shouldn’t if you have autohiding turned on.
  • If you try to move a symbolic link to the trash, the original will be moved instead, due to an OS X bug (or overly helpful feature if you want to call it that ;-). Real aliases work fine though. As a result, gBrowser will no longer allow you to try to move symbolic links to the trash.