New Features:

  • File list sort toolbar item.
  • In the preview pane, pressing command-up arrow will change the preview pane to the parent of the current folder, and pressind command-down arrow when you have one folder selected in the preview pane will change it to that folder. Holding the option key in addition to comand-up or -down will open the contents of the folder in a new document that inherits the preferences from your current document.
  • Option-double-clicking a folder in the preview pane will now also open it in a new document.
  • The code that handles selection of items in the preview pane has been rewritten; this fixed a couple bugs and now it follows more closely the behavior of the Finder.
  • Made the file renaming code a lot more efficient. Probably won’t cause any noticable change, but there it is anyway.
  • Rewrote some of the preview pane’s drawing code. Now, preview box spacing cannot be a negative value. It used to be allowed down to -4 so that users using the “no border” option could have tight spacing of their previews, but now gBrowser takes the width of the border into account. If your preview box spacing was negative, it will be set to zero (likely where you want it anyway). This fixes some little display bugs and problems with the hit-test code when the spacing had a negative value.
  • Rewrote some of the preview pane’s hit-test code. Now you must click inside the bounds of a preview box to select it (previously, clicking in the empty space between preview boxes would select one or the other on either side). Now empty space between preview boxes is treated just the same as empty space elsewhere in the preview pane.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed a problem that sometimes caused freezes or just no display when trying to view a folder containing an alias in the preview pane.
  • The scroll bar in the preview pane updates itself correctly now when switching from one folder to another.
  • The save-selection submenu no longer shows up in the preview pane’s contextual menu if you have no items selected.
  • Fixed a bug where the filename editing field in the file list might stick around permanently sometimes.
  • gBrowser no longer crashes if you click the upper edge of the filename editing field.
  • Improved a few other formerly bad behaviors of the filename editing field.
  • Some more small bug fixes.

Known bugs:

  • Sometimes the slideshow controls will hide when they shouldn’t if you have autohiding turned on.