New Features:

  • Improved the file list and preview pane reverse sort buttons (in their respective vertical scroll bars). Also added a sort-by menu to the scroll bar area. Because of these new menus, the toolbar’s sort menus have been removed from the toolbar’s default setup (they are still available if you want them, of course).
  • Slideshows can now be started using the current file list selection.
  • Improved the appearance of the back/forward toolbar buttons, and added a slideshow toolbar button.
  • The slideshow preferences have been rearranged a bit. This was done to make room for some new preferences for displaying a file’s name in the slideshow. The Image Viewer will get similar treatment soon.
  • The slideshow controls have been improved/rearranged a bit. A “fade” option has been added to it, as well as the option to collapse it down to just the play/pause/next/previous buttons.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash if gBrowser was quit with more than one image window open (since this happened on quitting you may not have noticed it).
  • Slideshows now close first, before anything else, when you quit. This keeps them from getting in your way if the document window wants to display a save sheet.
  • Double-clicking the root-level “Computer” folder in the file list now properly opens a “[User]’s Computer” Finder window.
  • Leaving gBrowser running and unhidden should no longer keep hard drives from spinning down.
  • gBrowser no longer always displays the I-beam cursor in the preview pane after displaying a text file.
  • Select all and deselect all now work when no items are selected in the preview pane.
  • The slideshow controller will always hide properly when you click it’s close button now.
  • Some small optimization/fixes to menus and window behavior.

Known bugs:

  • None.