New Features:

  • An error is now displayed in slideshows and the Image Viewer if an image cannot be displayed, instead of just displaying a blank screen.
  • The toolbar’s preview size slider now has a menu representation if you’re using it text-only, and has a popup button if the icon is visible.
  • Added some new “file filter” preferences. This is currently really, really basic. In fact, all you can do at the moment is say whether or not the file list displays files and folders or folders only. But that should be of use to some people at least.
  • The beginnings of plugin capability. Nothing truly functional yet, though, so don’t get too excited ;-). This means much of gBrowser has been modified since the last release, so there may be some new bugs (hopefully not, but you’ve been forwarned!).
  • Under-the-hood overhaul of the preferences to conform to the new plugin scheme (you probably won’t notice much difference). Because of this, much of the French translation of the preferences needs to be redone, so I’ve left it out of this release for the most part. Sorry.
  • Improved/added some options to the manual thumbnail generator. Press the expand button to reveal the new features. Among other things you can specify if thumbnails only be generated for images that don’t have a thumbnail of the proper size already, and whether or not the file’s resource fork should be stripped at the same time the thumbnail is generated (of course, a new resource fork for the file is created immediately since the new thumbnail is saved to the resource fork, but you can be sure there is no data in the resource fork besides the thumbnail).

Bugs Fixed:

  • I think I have fixed the strange bug that was causing some people to be unable to open images (a couple people reported getting corrupt image errors for every image). Unfortunately, since I was unable to reproduce the bug myself, I can’t be sure if it was fixed. If anyone who has experienced the bug could give me an update, I’d appreciate it :-).
  • Disabled renaming of symbolic links, because of the same Cocoa/Carbon bug that causes trouble with moving them to the trash.
  • Fixed a problem with duplicate items in the menus prefs.
  • High quality create-and-load-on-the-fly now creates previews for files that need it which aren’t currently visible in the preview pane.
  • The back/forward history menus in the toolbar work properly again.
  • Low quality create-and-load-on-the-fly doesn’t cause bad drawing bugs anymore when it runs into a corrupt image.
  • When option-double-clicking (or whatever) to open a folder from the preview pane in a new document, all the parent document’s preferences are now properly inherited (there were problems with the file list visibility, the toolbar, sorting, and some other stuff before). Also, the file list root path will remain the same in the new window, if possible. The new window will be offset a bit from the original window’s position.

Known bugs:

  • None.