New Features:

  • Rewrote much of the preview pane code to be more flexible and hopefully a bit faster. As with anything newly rewritten, there are probably a few hidden kinks left to iron out, though all tests seem to indicate it works fine. Along with this rewrite came some other changes that will hopfully improve the user experience.
  • The content of preview boxes can no longer be cached for drawing; for the most part it just ate up huge amounts of RAM for relatively small gain, and it even slowed some operations down. If anyone really notices the lack, please tell me and I’ll put the option back, but I doubt anyone will have cause for complaint :-).
  • Basic printing support for the preview pane (when previewing the contents of a folder); however, it’s quite crappy at the moment. Sometime soon I will probably add the contact sheets maker, and printing support will be implemented better in that. Note that there is a stupid bug/oversight in Cocoa that means there is no way to get the printable area of the paper being printed on; likely the margins I chose will be within the printable area of the majority of newer printers, but no gaurantees. Note also that how many rows/columns will fit on a page is based on the thumbnail display size you have chosen, and has nothing to do with what you see displayed in the preview pane itself (as the print panel comes up, if your preview pane is large enough you will see it in the background resize to the size of the paper; you can use this as a test to pick an appropriate thumbnail size). Thumbnail shadows cannot be printed.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Reading saved thumbnails off read-only disks now works (ie. if you’ve burned a CD of images for which gBrowser has created thumbnails, you can now view them from the CD).
  • When pressing the change-font buttons in the prefs when some other item in the window is key (like a text field you may have just been typing in) it will approptriately lose first reponder status, so now changing fonts should actually work all the time.
  • The revert-pane buttons in the prefs show up properly again.
  • Other minor prefs fixes.

Known bugs:

  • None.