New Features:

  • Rewrote the slideshow and Image Viewer code, and the image window code; this fixed some bugs and hopefully will make things work better in general. The scrolling hot keys now work in image windows.
  • Improved the thumbnail background-loading code (now it’s faster) and made that the only option (so I guess I shouldn’t say “option” ;-). This allowed me to simplify code in many areas and hopefully the loading of thumbnails and related things (automatic thumbnail generation, etc) will be less buggy and a bit faster.
  • French localization has been removed, because it was getting a bit behind. Hopefully soon when features get more stabilized new alternate-language support can be added again.
  • Added separate horizontal and vertical spacing options for the preview pane, as well as an “align thumbnails to bottom” option (this aligns the bottom of thumbnails that are not as tall as the preview size to the top of the info text).
  • The image view can now be opened even if there are no image files selected in the preview pane.
  • Pressing the escape key while editing a file name will cancel the editing.
  • When editing a filename of an image, the default text selection won’t include the extension.

Bugs Fixed:

  • If you make a new folder in the file list when the parent folder is not expanded, the parent folder will expand.
  • The “clear” button in the default document prefs works now.
  • Some more minor bug fixes I can’t quite remember anymore.

Known bugs:

  • None. As a side note, this version has not been tested in OS X 10.2 (Jaguar).