New Features:

  • There is now an option for threaded background loading of files from disk – this is on by default, but you can turn it off in the app prefs (under the “launch” section), though the change won’t take effect until the next time you launch gBrowser. This will probably (hopefully!) improve your feel of how responsive the app is, expecially if you have folders with many hundreds (or more) files. Be ware this is the first time I’ve tried this, and it won’t be perfect…
  • When selecting a single image file in the file list and viewing it in the preview pane, your Image Viewer preferences are now used to specify the initial display of the image (and a related bug introduced in beta 16 has been fixed).
  • When using the arrow keys on the keyboard to navigate through items in the preview pane, it will no longer wrap around from beginning to end and vice versa. You can hold the control key while pressing the arrows to wrap around if necessary.
  • Made changes to the preferences anywhere file paths are displayed (ie. the file list base folder pref) to support the new localization of folder names in OS X 10.2 (Jaguar). Unfortunately this means I had to remove the ability to type in paths by hand, because while in 10.2 some folders (such as the Library and Documents folders) appear to have localized names to the user, to the system itself their names are still the English versions, and this will cause confusion and errors if someone were to try typing the name they see in the Finder for one of these folders (thanks Apple).
  • Made a few changes that should improve performance in some areas.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Files added to a folder that was initially empty and is currently being displayed in the preview pane no longer have odd, incorrect display sizes.
  • The bug that was causing random crashes in beta 16 has been fixed as far as I can tell, but since I had trouble reproducing that bug, I can’t be completely sure. Please tell me if it crops up again.
  • A bug introduced in beta 16 that messed up the resolving of alias files is fixed.
  • Localizable.strings file has been properly UTF-8 encoded so that there shouldn’t be any complaints about it logged to the console in OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) when gBrowser launches.
  • Some changes have been made so the height of the rows in the file list is calculated properly in Jaguar.

Known bugs:

  • Selecting folders in the toolbar may act oddly sometimes.
  • I am now running OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) and should gBrowser seems to work fine on that version of the OS. However, this means I’m doing little testing in 10.1, and while there shouldn’t be any problems I’m not making any promises there.