New Features:

  • Changes you make to your slideshow settings through the slideshow controller while a slideshow is in progress are now by default saved as your permanent settings when you close the slideshow, though you can turn this off in the slideshow prefs.
  • The document preferences windows now update their titles when the document’s name changes.
  • As in the OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) Finder, when you drag files over folders in the preview pane, they will change to an “open folder” icon (but sorry, no spring-loaded folders here ;-).
  • The computer icon has been updated to the new-iMac look, to match the icon used in Jaguar.
  • When editing file names in the file list, the default selection now excludes the file extension (this feature was added to the preview pane a couple releases ago).

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed a stupid accidental memory release that was causing crashing when background loading was turned off.
  • The “eject” contextual menu command now gets validated properly in the preview pane (before, it would show up in the contextual menu when it should but it would be greyed out).
  • Cocoa’s NSPort apparently loses interthread messages if there is too much load on the computer, which sometimes resulted in some files never appearing in the preview pane when background loading was on. I worked around this, so that shouldn’t happen anymore.
  • Some code has been cleaned up and/or rewritten, hopefully squashing a few bugs in the process.
  • Various bugs in the slideshow have been fixed: the show/hide controller menu item now works right, the file name displayed on the controller now updates properly, the play/pause button is set properly if you have the automatic-advance setting on in your document preferences, the slideshow window now floats properly above everything in OS X 10.2 (status menus were showing up above it), the filename position setting works properly now, and the filename appears correctly for the first image, and more.

Known bugs:

  • Selecting folders in the toolbar may act oddly or incorrectly sometimes.
  • I am now running OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) and should gBrowser seems to work fine on that version of the OS. However, this means I’m doing little testing in 10.1, and while there shouldn’t be any problems I’m not making any promises there.