New Features:

  • The image viewer and the slideshow now use high quality image scaling, but not while the image is being resized (it shifts temporarily to low quality for speed purposes, then redraws with high quality after, much like the Jaguar version of Apple’s Preview app).
  • Modified certain bits of code to use FSFindFolder() to find certain folders (ie. the prefs folder and the pictures folder) instead of assuming they will always be at a certain path (this will have no effect right now, but in the future if Apple ever moves things around gBrowser should still function properly).
  • Image information (such as dimensions, resolution, etc.) for aliases to images is now displayed when appropriate instead of “N/A”.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Double-clicking a single folder in the preview pane should properly select it in the file list and preview its contents in the preview pane again.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause gBrowser to crash while quitting if you quit when a slideshow was in progress.
  • The file list sort and preview pane sort popups in the preferences now work properly for all options.
  • Fixed some memory leaks and miscellaneous little crashers caused by an incorrect assumption I made about NSTimers (due to improper documentation, actually… thanks again Apple).
  • The reverse file list sort and reverse preview pane sort options now work correctly (and save correctly).
  • Fixed a problem where files wouldn’t load or update in the file list if they were chidren of an aliased folder.
  • Rewrote the thumbnail generation code (what is this, the third time? ;-) so hopefully any remaining bugs have been fixed.
  • When the generic icons option is turned off in the file list, the icons no longer appear upside down some of the time.

Known bugs:

  • Selecting folders in the toolbar may act oddly or incorrectly sometimes.
  • I am now running OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) and should gBrowser seems to work fine on that version of the OS. However, this means I’m doing little testing in 10.1, and while there shouldn’t be any problems I’m not making any promises there.