New Features:

  • You can now command-click and drag to scroll in image windows, the Image Viewer, slideshows, and the preview pane (though in the preview pane you must hold the option key as well unless you are clicking in “empty” space).
  • Low quality on-the-fly thumbnail generation is now threaded, so the app should feel much more responsive now if you’re using this mode (particularly with large files).
  • Added an option (in the file list setup section of the prefs) to display the number of folders and total files in a directory next to its name in the file list. Be forwarned this might slow down the initial display of the file list, especially if you have folders containing very large numbers of files.
  • Added an option (in the file list appearance section of the prefs) to control the spacing of the lines in the file list.
  • Added an option (in the preview pane appearence section) to control the color of the thumbnail shadow.
  • Added an option (in the preview pane information section; yes, not the best place… a prefs revamp is coming soon) to control whether or not to edit file names when the name is clicked on (you can set it to edit file names only when you press enter when the file is selected; some people have requested this after accidentally starting filename edits too often).
  • Added the same option for the file list in the file list setup section.
  • In when using manual thumbnail generation or the resource fork stripper, the progress bar is now an animated indeterminate progress bar while gBrowser searches for image files (instead of sitting there blank and useless, as they did before).
  • You can now have more than one instance of the thumbnail generator and resource fork stripper.
  • The resource fork stripper should now be a good deal faster (not that that was a problem before) and will give you an estimated time until completion (but it is so fast that unless you’re stripping thousands of files you won’t have time to see that!).
  • Both the thumbnail generator and resource fork stripper now have a “review files” button that you can use to review/edit which files will be affected.
  • Both the thumbnail generator and resource fork stripper can now be closed by pressing the escape key.
  • The “random” option for the slideshow has been changed a bit; it is now just a regular sort option instead of a separate option. Also, you can now navigate back and forth through the random slides.
  • Optimized and improved quite a few other sections of code.

Bugs Fixed:

  • When turning off automatic thumbnail generation, the status bar gets updated immediately instead of continuing to say “Generating thumbnail for XXX” until something else caused a change.
  • Added formatters and warning sheets to the text fields in the preferences panes (in case invalid values are entered), because it appears that at some point the ones that used to be there were deleted form the nib files. When, why, and how that happened I have no idea!
  • I think the nasty crasher caused by automatic thumbnail generation has been fixed (finally!). In case anyone cares, the crashes were caused because something was mucking with memory it shouldn’t have been accessing. All was well (on my system anyway) once I changed the way I initialized the CFMutableArrayRef I was using to queue the files to be generated (using [[NSMutableArray alloc] init…] instead of CFArrayCreateMutable()). Why this made any difference I still have NO idea, but since it seems to have fixed it I’m not going to complain ;-).

Known bugs:

  • Selecting folders in the toolbar may act oddly or incorrectly sometimes.
  • I am now running OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) and should gBrowser seems to work fine on that version of the OS. However, this means I’m doing little testing in 10.1, and while there shouldn’t be any problems I’m not making any promises there.