New Features:

  • Added option to permanently rotate images (losslessly, just sets the EXIF orientation tag) from thumbnail pane, either via contextual menu, File menu, or toolbar button.
  • Better validation of toolbar items.
  • Improved PDF viewing (not perfect yet).
  • Added “Drop Locations” window, accessible under the “Window” menu. This floating window lists your “Move to” folders and “Open with” applications, and lets you quickly and easily drop your files into/onto them! You can even add new folders/apps and change their order right there in the Drop Locations window.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Significant changes to menu code, resolving a few crash issues and improving behavior. Let us know if anything isn’t working.
  • Other small fixes here and there.

Known bugs:

  • Newly created aliases don’t always show up properly (thought we’d fixed this!).