New Features:

  • If you have an image window open, hitting the space bar will take you to the next image in that folder. Shift-space will take you to the previous one.
  • “Move to” menus can now be changed to “Copy to” (hold option before selecting the menu) or “Make alias in” (hold control before selecting the menu) so that you can easily copy or make aliases of your selected files into one of your drop locations.
  • Improved thumbnail creation and thumbnail removal code.
  • Improved preferences windows a bit more.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Some sizable under-the-hood changes – please make sure to let us know if you experience any bugs (there are bound to be some), particularly with opening images or using the Image Viewer.
  • Fixed some crashes when using keyboard navigation in the Thumbnail Pane.
  • Fixed some bugs in the Preferences window.
  • Fixed lots of other little bugs.

Known bugs:

  • Newly created aliases don’t always show up properly (thought we’d fixed this!).