New Features:

  • Due to the huge number of feature enhancements in the past few months, we’ve decided it would be more appropriate to change the version to 2.0. Fear not, your 1.x registration is still good for version 2.0!
  • Moved to Apple’s QuickLook to create and store thumbnails. This means you’ll be getting thumbnails for many more file types – anything QuickLook supports on your machine, including movies and text files. This also means we’re not storing thumbnails in the resource fork anymore. Thumbnails may load slower for a while as QuickLook creates and caches them, but should load more quickly after that. Since this is a fairly major alteration, please send us feedback after trying it out for a while, we’d like to know if you feel it is better or worse than the old system.
  • Improved appearance and functionality of main window.
  • Added search/filter box for Thumbnail pane.
  • Thumbnail size slider now goes up to 1024.
  • A few little improvements to the batch rename window.
  • Added Batch Rename as a Service – find it in the Services menu in the Finder on Leopard, or in both the Services menu and contextual menus in the Finder on Snow Leopard (Snow Leopard users will have to activate the Batch Rename service in the Keyboard section of System Preferences).
  • Improved appearance of drag & drop thumbnails in the Thumbnail Pane.
  • New About window.
  • Improved window sizing behavior when opening PDFs.
  • Improved sizing behavior and appearance when viewing images, movies, or HTML documents directly in the Thumbnail Pane by selecting them in the Sidebar.
  • Removed Toolbar and replaced it with a button bar in the Thumbnail Pane. Sidebar shortcuts that used to appear in the Toolbar now appear in the new Bookmarks popup menu underneath the Sidebar.
  • Improved functionality of the Sidebar’s back/forward navigation buttons.
  • Added “Quick Open With” button in new button bar. This button will show the icon of the first application in your Drop Locations that’s able to edit the selected file. Hold the option key to bypass your Drop Locations and open the file in the standard application (this is useful if you have Photoshop in your Drop Locations, as Photoshop thinks it can open everything).
  • Added IPTC and EXIF info viewing – press the Info button the left side of the button bar (or Command-I). We actually attempted to add editing, but it turns out Apple’s APIs for this are remarkably inconsistant and buggy, randomly not saving certain tags, stripping out a few specific tags, writing tags so they were unreadable in other programs, etc. We’ll have to pursue a different solution and it may be a while before editing is in place.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Files no longer disappear from view if thumbnail size is bigger than the thumbnail pane.
  • Fixed some misc. crashers.

Known bugs:

  • Newly created aliases don’t always show up properly (thought we’d fixed this!).