New Features:

  • Image Viewer can now be opened from the thumbnail pane using the space bar, and also closed using the space bar, similar to Quicklook. This makes the Image Viewer much more useful on single-monitor systems.
  • Added option to display EXIF Date Taken with thumbnails, and option to sort thumbnails by date taken.
  • Added options to sort thumbnails by image height or width.
  • Sidebar bookmark titles can now be customized to something other than the filename, and you can add separator items as well.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the properly sorting by creation date or ICC profile.
  • Fixed some memory leaks.
  • Fixed some misc. crashers; as always, thanks for submitting your crash reports.
  • Removed some old settings.
  • Added a few missing menu items to the main menu’s Thumbnails and Sidebar sort menus.

Known bugs:

  • Newly created aliases don’t always show up properly (thought we’d fixed this!).