New Features:

  • Improved hotkeys preferences, allowing for modifier keys (command, option, shift, and control) in addition to a key, and added options to change certain menu hotkeys. Some of the default key combos have been changed.
  • Added ability to tile small images, either automatically or by selecting an option in the View menu (see Viewing Images in your Collection Preferences).
  • Image windows can be closed with the escape key.
  • Simplified and consolidated preferences.
  • Reorganized main menu to reduce submenus.
  • Added appearance presets (white, gray, dark grey, etc.) to thumbnail pane preferences.
  • Added a button to the Thumbnail Pane to quickly hide/show file information along with thumbnails. Also improved thumbnail appearance when no file information is displayed.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Removed old references to the toolbar in the main menu.
  • Fixed a couple crash-causing bugs.

Known bugs:

  • Newly created aliases don’t always show up properly (thought we’d fixed this!).