New Features:

  • Movies with custom icons will show the custom icon rather than quicklook preview.
  • The browser window now keeps its status as the main window if you have the image viewer open on launch.
  • Slideshow controls now remember their position.
  • Show/hide button pane state is now remembered.
  • Image windows remember their position.
  • The sidebar no longer shows the expansion arrow next to folders that are empty (or whose contents are invisible due to the sidebar filter setting).
  • New hotkey to toggle focus between the Sidebar and Thumbnails: control-tab.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed a bug that could cause crashes or glitches when loading contents of folders with very large numbers of files.
  • Fixed a bug where “1001” was shown on marked items, and marked items couldn’t be selected.
  • Removed old “Add to Toolbar” references in menus.
  • Non-fullscreen image viewer will now auto-open on the correct screen.
  • Next/Prev image in folder menu options are validated properly.
  • Fixed a couple other crash-causing bugs.

Known bugs:

  • None. Note that this beta update has a larger files size because it has been built for debugging – we’re hoping to squash the any remaining bugs so we can have a final release soon!