New Features:

  • Removed drag delay time in Thumbnail pane.
  • Made dragged icons semitransparent so they don’t obscure the area you’re dragging to.
  • Sort-by-label now uses the same criteria the Finder does.
  • Improved appearance of marked files in Thumbnail Pane.
  • Added option (on by default) to hide Image Viewer when gBrowser is in the background.
  • Added option (on by default) to blank other screens when displaying slideshows.
  • Added option to immediately expand folders when they are selected in the sidebar.
  • Added option to make “New Slideshow in Current Folder” start from the first selected file in the Thumbnail Pane.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed some permissions related issues with copying or moving files.
  • Move To menu fixed to appear in read-only folders too.
  • Fixed a bug where thumbnails wouldn’t load and images wouldn’t open if the file’s parent folder had been moved or renamed.
  • Fixed a bug where a couple slideshow hotkeys weren’t working.
  • Fixed a potential crash when editing filenames.
  • Fixed a crash when viewing multiple PDFs.

Known bugs:

  • None. Note that this beta update has a larger files size because it has been built for debugging – we’re hoping to squash the any remaining bugs so we can have a final release soon!