New Features:

  • Reorganized main menus for better clarity.
  • Added key commands for Back/Forward in navigation history.
  • Holding option while using the scroll wheel in slideshows will go to previous/next image.
  • Holding option while dragging the thumbnail size slider will force thumbnail sizes to the maximum width that fits in the current browser window.
  • Added a menu option to scroll the Thumbnail Pane to the first selected item.
  • Minor speed and efficiency improvements, especially when working with large numbers (thousands) of files.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed a bug in the Image Viewer that could cause a crash.
  • “Go to parent folder” works in the Sidebar again.
  • Slideshows can now be started properly when focus is on the Sidebar.

Known bugs:

  • None. Note that this beta update has a larger files size because it has been built for debugging – we’re hoping to squash the any remaining bugs so we can have a final release soon!