New Features:

  • By default, the Sidebar can no longer take focus, similar to the simpler and less confusing behavior of Finder’s and Mail’s sidebars. This means no keyboard navigation, and main menu commands such as “Move to Trash” or “Duplicate” cannot affect selected files, etc. Don’t worry, the previous more advanced functionality can be enabled by checking the appropriate box in your Sidebar preferences!
  • Improved responsiveness after file move/copy/update.
  • Hopefully the Slideshow and Batch Rename services will appear more reliably after this update.
  • If a Slideshow service is started with just a single file, the slideshow will start with the full contents of that file’s parent folder.
  • Added option to Thumbnail Pane preferences to automatically select the first file when loading a folder.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed a bug in minimizing the Sidebar by dragging it closed.

Known bugs:

  • None. Note that this beta update has a larger files size because it has been built for debugging – we’re hoping to squash the any remaining bugs so we can have a final release soon!