New Features:

  • Image Viewer will update if you switch back to a folder with a preexisting selection.
  • Folder names are still displayed when other file info is hidden.
  • Marks are still displayed when other file info is hidden.
  • Simplified hotkeys for Drop Locations: Command-# is now used for move (rather than Option-Command-#). Option-Command-# will now copy files to the Drop Location, and Control-Command-# will make aliases of the files in the Drop Location.
  • Altered Drop Locations menu so it now works more sensibly.
  • Improved efficiency when removing files from the Sidebar.
  • Improved efficiency in the file-tracking subsystem.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Selecting a batch rename preset from a menu works properly again.
  • Corrected odd behavior when rotating image files in the Thumbnail Pane.

Known bugs:

  • None. Note that this beta update has a larger files size because it has been built for debugging – we’re hoping to squash the any remaining bugs so we can have a final release soon!